Ryan Gonzales sings "Only Stars"
Lyrics by Janis Contway


Only stars in skies above, Only stars can know our love.
Only stars can understand, My love for you, brave man,

The moon up in the sky, And sparkling fireflies
light the night for my, Love for you
Your are my dream come true, Each day and nighttime too, I dream of only you, only, only you

Only stars and moon above, in skies colored by the love
The love that time began, The love of women and of men
Before people came to earth, Stars knew love before their birth

Only stars can remember, Love’s first burning ember
Only moons and stars and sky, Understand the reasons why

A woman and a man must find their own true love
A woman and a man must find their own true love

Leaders defend the Cherokee homeland  and young people fall in love.

At spring council, as tribal leaders discuss the arrival of miners who rush to illegally claim the gold discovered on Cherokee land, Aniwake joins the Cherokee hunter, Deerkiller, in a ballet set to the beat of the traditional Green Corn Dance.  A cerenonial fire blazes midstage as their attraction ignites. 

As Armstrong watches the impassioned lovers dance his heart fills with jealousy.  He is as determined to possess
Aniwake as he is to take the Cherokee land.  He uses his riches and social standing to gain her mother's approval then he courts Aniwake in his elegant carriage, flaunting her beauty at a formal European style cotillion.

But Deerkiller romances Aniwake in secret twilight rendezvous, and under the starlit Georgia sky, they fall in love.

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