Just listen to me
And I’ll give you a word in Cherokee
To say a Cherokee hello
Just Say osiyo, osiyo

Say osiyo and you’ll be
Speaking such fine Cherokee
Osiyo means more though
than just one word

Osiyo means blessings
From our great mother earth
Say Osiyo to your friends
A Cherokee hello

Oosiyo my friend
Let our friendship begin
It’s easy
So easy

So easy to say
Just say Osiyo, hello
And Have a blessed day
Say osiyo, osiyo
Say osiyo with me

Say osiyo and you’ll be
speaking Cherokee
All together now



In a wonderfully wrought love story, Cherokee Librettist, Janis Contway, with Singers/Arrangers, Aaron Latino and Ryan Gonzales weave classical music, native rhythms, poetry, and dance to create an unforgettable love story reflecting the tragedy of of the 1838 Cherokee Trail of Tears' from Georgia to Indian Territory.
(Music in DRAFT)

(Click on the tabs at the top of the page to continue the story of the "Trail of Tears" musical.  Click on the music icon under the lyrics to adjust the sound)

The entire production is set to music with onstage Native drums and flutes accompanying orchestral music.  Contemporary dance to a Native beat and classical music combined with native instruments symbolizes the combination of harmony and warfare between the two cultures.

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